Wednesday, August 16, 2006


From the time that my husband and I started even thinking about retirement and also in our work with aging programs for so many years we have seen so many "studies" about retirement.

I, myself, started to get skeptical about all of the surveys. But after we retired and started to think about how we could help people who were interested in retirement and especially early retirement and with the baby boomers; I started paying more attention to them. This is one study/survey that I found interesting and thought that some of you might as well. You must keep in mind that any time that you read one of these you need to remember that they are usually conducted with a specific purpose in mind. But, also keep in mind that the people being interviewed don't know what that specific purpose is.

As always, we are very interested in what any of you who read these posts on our blog think about the information that we include. Any comments are welome. Heres to a happy, healthy and hearty retirement for us all!

seniors : US: New Merrill Lynch Retirement Study []

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