Monday, June 18, 2007

Retired: It's about movies on Sat. night!

When we retire we think things like "I can do whatever I want!" If you are a guy you are wrong. Simply a fact of life. Unless you live alone, and who can or wants to do that? Fortunately, you live with the girl, woman, female of your dreams. Second fact of life, there are no television shows worth watching on Sat night. This is where the movies come in. There are movies that can score you points on the home front guys, even when you are retired. They are called Chick Flix. I am going to provide you with the top five and the secret that makes this such a great guy thing. The secret first: you get mega, mega points for watching these movies more than once. It's true! Side issue: you may love some of these movies.

I say that because I am a sucker for two of the five right up front. "Notting Hill". I have seen this so many times I know all the words to the brownie scene! The other is "Milk Money" with Ed Harris and Melanie Griffith. Can't help myself re the soft hearted environmentalist and his kid and no one has ever called me a tree hugger. Then there's Ms. Griffith!

You might think I would have trouble picking the other three. Not so! Three is "Terms of Endearment" partly because I lived in Lincoln, NE when it was filmed and Robert Kerrey and Debra Winger were seriously cute together, plus he should have been President but that's another story.

Then we have the "chick flick" of nearly, and maybe, all time. "Pretty Woman" is a gal's take no prisoners chick flick that needs no explanation. This brings us to "When Harry Met Sally" where they managed to get the near perfect mix of chick flick and guy flick coupled with a killer diner scene! it is time for all of you who think I overlooked a Ghost, a Working Girl, going without sleep in Seattle, a Tootsie roll and a ship sinking. Let's hear what you think are the best of chick flix that could be Pretty in Pink, do Dirty Dancing, work Nine to Five, and Say Anything. Tell me, what are your favorite Chick Flix of all time?

Ponder and Post.

Friday, June 15, 2007

High School Reunion and Graduation--Oh My

The year I turned 50, my father died and my first granddaughter was born. This year I just attended that granddaughter's high school graduation and in August I shall be attending my 50 year high school reunion. Oh My! I have spent some time pondering about which of these events make me feel old.

I have decided that it is not the events that happen to me that make me feel old.

What does make me feel old is the amount of time it takes my joints to warm up and move about in the morning.

What does make me feel old is the amount of time that it takes my extra gained weight to come off now when I lost weight fairly easily with Weight Watchers just 20 years ago.

What does make me feel old is the amount of time that it takes me to retrieve information from the files in my brain when I know that it is "right on the tip of my tongue".

What does make me feel old is when I am filling out some form and they ask me to check the box for my age category and I find the last box they have listed is 50+. (Do they just automatically lump everyone from 50 to 90 in the same category?)

Oh My!

Retired and ready to___________________(you fill in your own blank).