Wednesday, May 03, 2006


We have found the internet to be a valuable resource with retirement planning; especially if you are someone who wishes to be in control of your own destiny and plan. Whether you are looking for financial calculators, advice, information or new ideas; you can find almost everything you will need for your research on the internet. We shall be sharing many resources that we have found to be quite helpful in our own planning and in working with others. One of the first resources would be to visit the Social Security website and first find out what you can expect from your social security benefit at different ages of retirement. This is a great core place to start that planning.

Internet age helps you with retirement planning

By CINDY G. MCCUBBINS Social Security District Manager

Remember the old saying that "time is money?" It has gained a new meaning in the Internet Age, where just a few hours on your computer could help put you on the path to a more financially comfortable retirement.

Recent reports show that among Americans who are beginning to plan for their retirement years, people who rely on financial planning tools, such as retirement calculators, usually end up better off financially than those who do not take advantage of these tools.

Of course, the best place to begin any retirement calculation is by knowing what you may expect to receive from Social Security ... and how much more you will need to enjoy a long and comfortable retirement. Each year, every worker age 25 and older is mailed a Social Security Statement. Read it carefully because it is a roadmap to your personal financial future. It shows how much you and your family can expect to receive from Social Security when you retire, or if you become disabled or die.

In addition, you should also visit Social Security's financial planning website at You can use the calculators there to test different retirement ages or different scenarios for future earnings amounts. And you can link to a non-Social Security worksheet that will help you decide how much you need to save and invest for a comfortable retirement. Most financial advisors say you will need about 70 percent of your pre-retirement earnings to maintain your pre-retirement standard of living comfortably. Under current law, if you have average earnings, your Social Security retirement benefits will replace only about 40 percent, so you will need to supplement your benefits with a pension, savings or investments.

So remember: when planning for your financial future, make use of the financial planning tools that are now available to almost all Americans on the Internet. And one of the best places to begin is at

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