Thursday, June 29, 2006


One of the things that we have enjoyed since our early retirement and then starting this blog is doing the research on retirement issues and especially the increase of babyboomers and their issues. The Internet is such a wonderful resource and blogs just add to that wonder. We would encourage you to do some of this research yourself, but if you are still involved in a job, or have other things in your life that prevent you from doing that research; remember -- we see this as one of our "jobs" in helping you. We hope that perhaps we can all help one another in the adventure of life-changing proportions commonly known as Retirement.

It is important to be aware that what retirement has been in the past in not the same as it is for a lot of the current babyboomers. What an exciting time, despite all the doom and gloom that we keep hearing about pensions, social security and our lack of saving and planning. I have always been an optimist and have believed that a positive attitude will make any adventure, no matter how difficult it may be at times, a lot easier and afford more opportunities. Now that I have convinced my husband to join me in the "half full glass", we view our retirement with open eyes and an open mind. We hope that you will do the same.

In that line of thought, we would like to direct you to a link from a gentleman with his own personal views of retirement and some interesting thoughts.

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