Monday, October 30, 2006


If you are like my husband and I, you are continually seeing articles about how babyboomers are going to impact our economy, health care and even the "appearance" of retirement. I too believe that the sheer numbers of babyboomers will have a significant role in the future of retirement and retirement planning. However, I don't believe the doomsayers and their dire predictions of that role. I see that this influx of babyboomers will strengthen and enhance the view of retirement. I have always believed in the "safety in numbers" theory and I think that this is an example of same.

Successful retirement has never been simply a one size fits all picture. We are all unique individuals with our own personal needs and wants. The successful retirement requires each of us to be involved in our own future and to develop our own personal retirement plan, not the one that someone else has for us. Advice is always helpful, especially when it comes to the financial and estate planning. But I urge you to take all advice and make sure that it fits both you needs and wants; not what someone else thinks that you should do.

If you are already retired, we would love to hear your story. Did you retire early? Did you recareer to support your retirement? Did you move to a different community? Your story might be the tip or hint to help someone else move from not retired to retired. Let's start a collection of retirement stories.

If you are not retired but are exploring what you need to be doing, I would encourage you to take a look at an Early Retirement Book which might help you design Your Own Retirement Plan. Check this out:

RETIRED AND READY TO:________________(Fill in the blank, it's your life.)

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