Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Here it is January 3, 2007 already and I have still not written any new year's resolutions. I had pronounced earlier that this year I wasn't going to do any resolutions because every year I seem to make them and then break them. So -- if I didn't make any, then I wouldn't have to get after myself next year at the close of 2007. But old habits are hard to break so I have to have at least a couple of resolutions to try to keep. I found the following article the other day as I was searching the Internet and thought that this was a good start. One of them I have done, one I will try to do and (if I am honest with myself), one I will probably never do. But, like I said , it is a start. This is to be a work in progress. Share any resolutions that you think are appropriate for the retired and ready to:....s out there. Leave a comment.

"3 Resolutions That You Should Consider Any Time of the Year".

From Jenny McKinney & Patrick McKinney,
Your Guide to Retirement Planning.
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1. Review Your Retirement Plan:

A comprehensive review of your retirement plan every year is almost as important as having a retirement plan. What you save for retirement is one of the most important financial challenges you might face in your lifetime so make sure you review and monitor it often.
Reviewing your retirement plan isn't a complicated process but it's extremely important if you are going to achieve your retirement goals.

2. Think About Your Estate Plan and Will:

If you have assets, no matter what your age, marital status, or financial wealth, you should plan your estate in the event of your death or incapacitation. There are many reasons to have a sound estate plan but there are eight reasons that I feel are most important. When creating an estate plan or will, there are several things you need to know. Quicken Willmaker Plus can help you understand the process and answer many questions prior to talking with your legal counsel.

3. Organize Your Vital Records:

Do you know where your vital papers are? Are they up to date? If you keep good records, you won’t miss important information for your taxes and could save money in the long run. Organizing your vital records is an excellent weekend project.
To make this project a little easier, there is a very good book available. Get it Together by Melanie Cullen can make the task of organizing your vital records much easier."


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