Sunday, October 21, 2007

Where Do You Want to Go on Your Travels?

Travel is such an important part of our retirement adventure and finding information and links for "budget" travel is of great importance to us. This site is great.
What TheTravelzine Is All About
TheTravelzine is a strictly non-commercial
source of information for those who love
to travel. That's the dry definition. We
think TheTravelzine is for independent
travelers who know that anticipation is
half the fun, and that the joy of travel
is that much greater for the people you
meet, and the experiences you share.
Who Don
and Linda Are

Freedman, a retired marketing executive,
and his wife Linda have lived and raised
a family in multi-cultural Toronto,
Canada. Now that the kids are grown, they
can pursue their interest in other
cultures, their people, and their food by
traveling frequently. Like many
experienced travelers, they have
discovered the key to traveling on a
budget is also the key to a memorable
trip - picking up on the local way of
life as much as possible.
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