Tuesday, January 08, 2008


What is it that keeps us making New Year's resolutions year after year even when we know that we shall probably not keep them. One poll I saw reflected that 55% of the people they polled don't even make them anymore. Another poll asking how long people kept their New Year's resolutions reflected that only 4% of the people they polled always kept their resolutions.

My personal, unofficial opinion is that the reason resolutions suffer defeat so handily is the manner in which they have been made. I found a video on how to make resolutions that you will keep. Imagine that -- perhaps the reason we haven't been keeping our resolutions is that we have not been making them correctly. Take a look at what the videos are showing -- they make some sense. I am going to use his methods for some of my personal resolutions. But the overall resolution that I make to myself for my New Year is: I resolve to evolve!

Click here for more on "How to Make Detailed New Year's Resolutions"

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Dorothy said...

Good luck and I think you will do great. Enjoy life and be happy...thats what it is about...

My best,
Dorothy from grammology