Friday, June 13, 2008


With the high cost of gasoline, which has a negative effect on our travel, whether it is by car or by airplane; many people are choosing to plan a staycation rather than an away vacation. My husband and I are making a list of all of the special sites/sights right here in our own community and intend on playing tourist at home. One of the things on the list is to take the new Sprinter train from San Marcos to Oceanside. We will be able to walk from the train station to the Oceanside Art Museum and to the Oceanside Pier and walk on the beach, all fairly close. Then we can rest our legs over a leisurely lunch (with coupons, of course) and walk back to the train station for the ride back to San Marcos. Our gasoline expense will be for the very short drive to and from the train station to home.

One of the things on my personal list has to do with my love of the Internet. I love to blog and send and receive emails; so I am going to try to reconnect with old friends whom I would have seen if we had flown back to Nebraska. I will even try to get my family to get more into the habit of emailing and/or blogging.

For those of you who are retired and looking for more ways to stay in touch with your friends, children and especially your grandchildren; you have probably thought about starting a blog or giving some attention to one you started awhile back and have ignored. Trust me; it is easy to do. As much as I love this blog, I have ignored it for a couple of months. No more.

One of the people whom I have subscribed to is Darren Rouse with ProBlogger.
I would encourage any of you who either have a current blog and would like some tips for improving it or who would like to start a blog and are not sure where to begin; to check out Darren's blog and much of the help you need. also has some excellent help for beginning bloggers.

When you start or add to your blog, be sure to come back in here and share your information.
Let's start our "staycations" with blogging. Stay in touch--stay home. Save money--stay home.

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