Thursday, September 27, 2007

Get in on the Used Bookstore Crawl

I promised the folks on our site at that I would post the press release annoucement for the next Used Bookstore Crawl in San Diego on this blog for our newslettter. You can read my post about the first Crawl at that site.

This is just a ton of fun and you should do if you can.


----Press Release--------

Book Tales, in Encinitas, is announcing it’s Second
Used Bookstore Crawl, on Wednesday, October 17, 2007.
In an Air-conditioned coach, 26 people will be driven to Downtown
San Diego visiting intriguing and eccentric Used Book stores along the way! The coach eliminates parking problems, as well as needless stress, thus enhancing the pleasure of the journey.
Excited by the success of the first Used Bookstore Tour in September, the participants agreed that it was the best fun ever; “Can’t we stay a little longer?”, they begged.
These stores are the last remaining icons of days gone by, when there were used book stores in almost every nook and cranny. Most of the missing had their rents pushed up so high, that remaining in a brick and mortar situation became untenable. Many opted to sell solely on the internet. Some bookstore owners were elderly, and so gave up, moving and/or storing their inventories; indeed, the thoughts of packing up and moving our stock are so frightening to those of us remaining, that we work harder to stay in the business that we love!
An original idea, bookstore tours are gaining in popularity across the US, thanks to determined book lovers and a man named
Larry Portzline, author of the book, “Bookstore Tourism”
This Second crawl, hosted by Book Tales in Encinitas, will begin by meeting the Coach at the Encinitas park-and-ride, I-5 and Birmingham.
We will be visiting Book shops in Downtown; Wahrenbrock’s, 5th Ave. Books, Bluestocking Books, and Adams Ave Books, Book Tree, and William Burgett Books.
The fare is $36.50 per person and includes lunch.
Reservations are in advance. M/C and VISA are accepted.
For more information, and to reserve seating, please call
Book Tales is a member of D.E.M.A., and, a sales partner with
Our web-site is
Business hours are 10:30 am to 5:30 pm 7 days a week. Book buying is done 10:30 to 3: pm Tuesday & Wednesday, Friday & Saturday, only.
Paperback exchanges are welcome anytime.

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