Saturday, September 15, 2007


All of us who blog on a regular basis are always
looking for ways that we can increase the number
of people who visit and read our blogs. Always being
on the lookout for new and inventive way to accomplish
that; I discovered something just a few moments ago.
So I interrupt your weekend with a quick heads-up
about a new widget you can add to your blog that
could provide a nice boost to your traffic, and
it's absolutely free.

It's called BlogRush and it's from Internet
marketing mega-star, John Reese.

BlogRush is like a traffic exchange. You put the
widget on your blog and get a credit each time
it's displayed. For each credit you generate,
your blog articles are syndicated across other
blogs that use the widget.

Simple enough right?

Since this widget was just released this weekend,
it's the perfect time to join and start referring
other people and generating credits that will turn
into traffic for your blog.

You can sign up here -

I have added it to the Retired and Ready blog so you can see what it looks like on your
site. See if it works for you

1 comment:

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